Our Services

 We offer a range of services with a focus on empowering communities through social innovation.

Project Design, Implementation & Evaluation

Project Design



We have extensive experience working with community development principles and use a people centred approach to program design. This means we value the connections and relationships that may already exist and work to strengthen them. 

We also facilitate co-operation between individuals and organisations and across sectors. We specialise in the participatory co-creation of projects to ensure the program is relevant, sustainable, adds value and achieves positive social change. We ensure all of our work sits within an evidence informed framework. This includes providing evidence based research to ensure practice and programs are delivered with an underlying theory of change. This may entail undertaking a needs analysis or literature scan. 

It is often at the program design stage that we work to identify funding opportunities that align with the program’s goals and intentions. We have extensive experience with grant applications within the local, state and federal government bodies and the philanthropic sector. 




We work with individuals, organisations and communities to take ideas from concepts into reality. 

We utilise project management and program implementation practices to ensure we move ideas into action both efficiently and effectively. 

This occurs through the co-ordination of a range of activities including but not limited to: risk assessments, program logics, budgetary planning, communications and marketing and reporting and dissemination.  




All programs and projects that we undertake include a comprehensive and appropriate evaluation. The depth and extent of the evaluation is dependent on funding requirements, program type and the needs of the community we are working with. 

The evaluation may focus on process, implementation or outcomes or contain a mix of methodologies. When developing a program with community an evaluation that continually feeds back into program development is essential to ensure successful program delivery. 

We also work with organisations and communities to evaluate programs that are currently being delivered to assess the effectiveness of their service. We aim to provide evaluation support in a capacity building approach to ensure that services can continue to successfully implement evaluation into the future. 

Staff Well-Being Reviews


 We work with organisations to evaluate the well-being of their staff. This can include reviewing current workplace culture and satisfaction through staff feedback specific to leadership, communication, employee engagement and alignment with the organisation. 

We then provide the organisation with recommendations and steps towards creating a workplace where staff are engaged and productive within an organisation that values and respects staff.  

Partnering for Positive Impact


Kokoro Consulting acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of the land and acknowledges and pays respect to the Elders, past, present and emerging.